marine pipe fitters

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We are now looking for professional marine pipe fitters.

We at Tejara have over 30 years of experience in the industry. We supply complete deliveries as well as outfitting installations for ships and industry. We also make pipe prefabrication, pipe packages, machinery, and modules.

As a pipefitter, you get to work in an interesting and varied work environment. We offer a competitive salary and an excellent work team.

At Tejara, we take care of our employees.

We wish that the applicants have suitable education in the field or previous experience in similar work, as well as a good attitude.

We value the ability to work independently and in a team, a brisk approach, and flexibility.

In our search, we look at both young talent in the early stages of their careers and veterans with many years of experience.

We expect a valid occupational safety card from the applicant.

Work starts as soon as a suitable one is found and the opportunity to find a long-term job with us when the right person is found. Salary according to agreement.

If you recognized yourself, please contact Juuso Rantanen immediately or call 044 297 0010.

You can be an experienced veteran or a novice installer, feel free to apply and you are one step closer to a comfortable working day in a great team!

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