We are a reliable turn key supplier to industry and shipyards

Telakka ja Rakennustyöt Tejara Oy is located in the Kirikallio industrial area and we act as a partial supplier and total supplier to the shipyards. For example, as a supplier of machine shafts, we have a key position in Finland.

Machine shafts manufactured by Tejara Oy can be found on several ships made in Finland, such as the Allure of the Seas, the world’s largest cruiser wich was builded by Turku shipyard. We also do outfitting work for ships, e.g. interior, HVAC work and insulation works.

Tejara Oy Ihode
Ihode office on Kirikalliontie
Tejara Oy Uusikaupunki
Uudenkaupungin office

In addition to the shipbuilding industry we carry out other assignments for example to the process industry, such as heating plants and to some extent also property renovations. We have our own transport equipment, but we handle the most massive transports that require wide transport equipment through our partners.

Tejara Oy was founded in 1987. Our operations have expanded over the years and our company has several industrial halls in Kirikallio and in 2008 we bought business premises in Uusikaupunki.

Tejara has gained a good reputation both in the market and as an employer. The most important thing for us is a satisfied end user, the customer. We invest in the quality of our products and we have been awarded DNV’s ISO 9001 quality certificate.



110 people


17 million